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Dawn Rosenberg McKay

How Important is a College Degree?

By October 27, 2006

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A college education costs a small fortune -- no no -- make that a large fortune. And what do you get in the end? A job just like everyone else has. Will you get paid any more money than your friend with only a high school diploma? Apparently the answer is a resounding yes. Robert Longley, the About.com Guide to U.S. Government Info reports on new U.S. Census Bureau data that shows that "Americans age 18 and older with a bachelorís degree earned an average of $51,554, while those with a high school diploma earned $28,645."

This shows that a college education pays, but is it for everyone? I strongly believe that everyone who can, should get a college education. Paying for college should not be an issue, whether that means applying for financial aid or scholarships or working your way through school. If one doesn't have the drive or desire to attend college, than solid training in a field that doesn't require a degree is a must. There are many career options for which you don't need a four-year college education. Read Bachelor's Degree Not Required.

April 3, 2009 at 11:45 pm
(1) suede says:

what if the degree you are studying is not what you are passionate about and you know you will not devolop it as an career.
And even if you get a degree,and work for a good company for 3-5 years,you are still a middle class.

January 2, 2010 at 11:23 pm
(2) Jeremy says:

I gross more than both averages and have not even a high school equivalence (on paper). I am 26 years old and debt free. Yes, it’s nice but not necessary.

May 13, 2010 at 1:28 pm
(3) c says:

I agree with Jeremy. College is necessary if you want become a doctor, a dentist, a scientist, or something along those lines. If you know you passion and your natural talents, go for it. College was not necessary for some people. Some people, very rich and famous, or not, just had a dream and the determination to bring it to fruition. Now that can’t you don’t have to pay thousands of $$$$ for in college. I happen to know someone who does not have a college degree or is college educated. He, in my opinion, has one of the most important careers in history. He is a soldier. Wow! Kind of funny, no degrees needed there.

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