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Have you seen the BMW commercial with the kid screaming because he got the Christmas present he wanted? I can so relate to that. Remember when you were a child and could barely wait to find out what Santa (or your parents) bought you? Was it the toy you'd been asking for or was it clothes (yuck)? You felt like you wouldn't survive another minute without knowing the answer. Well, survive you did. You had to wait until the holiday (or your birthday) to open your present.

Waiting is always difficult whether you're nine or 35. As an adult you have bigger things to worry about than whether you got the toy you dreamed about. Now you have to worry about things like whether you got the job for which you've interviewed. And, unlike an anticipated holiday or birthday present, there usually isn't a set date for finding out whether you got what you wanted. Potential employers often don't tell you when you will hear from them about whether you are being offered a job. And as you wait, your anxiety will grow. Here's some advice about what to do while you are waiting for a job offer.

January 25, 2011 at 6:27 pm
(1) frank says:

I am going through this now. I don’t trust the verbal commitment, and I don’t want to say anything to anybody at work. I also hate to book travel, make future commitments or do the things required to move my current position forward. It is killing me

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