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Dawn Rosenberg McKay

The Importance of Taking a Break

By September 6, 2007

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I just returned from a two week vacation. I feel well-rested, energetic and bursting with new ideas. I strongly believe that taking time off from your job is not only desirable, it's imperative. If all you do is work, what can you possibly bring to your job but more of the same? ... the same perspective on things, the same ideas, the same way of doing things. Spending time away from work allows you to explore other interests which will make you well-rounded. Breaks from work will let you see things with a fresh eye enhancing your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Is a once-a-year vacation enough? I don't think so. If you begin working early in the morning and don't quit until bedtime, there will be no room in your life to focus on anything but your job. So make sure you take some time for non-work activities everyday or at least several times a week in addition to regular vacations. Here's how you can spend some of your time away from work:

  • Read a good book (non-work related, of course)
  • Keep up with world news, pop culture and politics
  • Travel for pleasure
  • Volunteer your time
  • Talk to people with whom you don't work
  • Enjoy a hobby
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