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Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Ladies: Do You Wear Pantyhose to Work?

By June 18, 2008

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Good Morning America has been talking a lot lately about women wearing pantyhose to work. The discussion was sparked by a story about a boss who required his female employees to wear pantyhose to work. It seems few employers have that policy any longer. Being over 40, I didn't even realize this was a controversial issue. When I started working, you simply didn't bare your legs at work. Even now, when I have to dress professionally (which isn't very often), I wear them. Well, not anymore!

I'm not really uncomfortable in hose, although I know many women are, but I get annoyed every time I have to throw away a pair that has snags or runs. It's irritating to spend money on something that lasts such a short time. If you think about it, pantyhose serve no real purpose. It's not like they provide much coverage — your legs are still in plain view when you're wearing them. What do you think about wearing pantyhose? Take my poll and post your comments below.

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July 23, 2008 at 6:33 am
(1) Michael says:

I do agree with you. I wear them during the winter more then summer as I like pants. but I still wear a sheer Knee HI’s in tan or black you just look more polished then a bare leg/foot look. and if you think about it you have to wear something on your feet would you wear a thick cotton sock with a dress shoe NO..Michael from Macomb, Michigan.

August 3, 2008 at 8:39 pm
(2) Kim says:

Women have the most relaxed dress code and freedom of clothing choices, yet women always demand more to the point of not wanting any restrictions. Women can wear pants, capris, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, and blouses that leave nothing to the imagination. Women are pretty much free to choose daily clothing according to weather, mode or just because. Men on the other hand have very limited choices without running the risk of being labeled strange or gay. Women should appreciate all the freedom of choice they do have.

Wearing support pantyhose is great for leg health, improving circulation, and reduction of leg pain, swelling,and discomfort. Both women and men should be able to make use of this garment with proven benefits to leg health. There is nothing gay about wearing pantyhose; and it is time that men should be able to wear clothing that will make them more comfortable and healthy without having people think they are strange or labeling them as gay.

Perhaps it is time to have uniform dress codes that apply to all employees. How about something like all employees shall be required to wear slacks or trousers, with blouses or shirts with collars and sleeves, and closed toe shoes and socks. Alternately, employees may be able to wear professional dresses, capris or skirts of appropriate length and appearance with blouses or shirts with collars and sleeves, with conservative pantyhose or stockings.

Many men are being advised by their doctors to wear support pantyhose to address poor leg circulation, swelling and pain of legs and feet, leg fatigue, and blood pooling in the lower legs caused by the above. Yet most of those men hide the fact they are wearing these garmets that will bring health benefits, out of fear of being labeled strange or gay. Why should men have so many restrictions and be required to hide clothing they wear even for medical benefits; yet women have almost no restrictions, and demand to be set free of the few they may have in a few situations.

And yes especially on hot days, men should be free to wear support pantyhose openly with shorts any place that women are permitted to wear them. Actually, in a non work enviroment, nobody seems to notice or care what anyone is wearing anyhow.

There are a lot of men secretly wearing support pantyhose under their jeans and trousers as if they are ashamed of what they aer doing, even though wearing them is good for their leg health and in many cases from doctorís advise. No wonder some people will label this as strange.

When more men who are already wearing support pantyhose, begin doing so openly these garmets will be fully accepted as male clothing, and will even be more readily available in the menís departments. Because women have raided all other clothing from menís departments, women just may start wearing them again when they are sold in the menís department.

September 17, 2009 at 4:44 pm
(3) Todd says:

I still believe pantyhose/stockings have thier place in todays society especially in the workplace (where a formal dress code is in affect) and church. If you are going to wear a skirt or a dress in those environments you’d better have the hose on. It’s just part of your attire in a professional or formal environment. Not wearing them in the aforementioned circumstances would be like a doctor or lawyer or soccer player not wearing socks! Let’s face it…not every woman-or man for that matter- has great legs. Hosiery can hide blemmishes or other inperfections. Lets not forget the theraputic value of support and improving circulation! Hey….spend a little money and buy a quality pair. My wife does. She wears them in her work environment but chooses not to that often outside of work. As far as wearing them to work when it is hot…please!. Unless your employer is a total tight wad, I’m sure you work in an airconditioned atmosphere. That means you have to endure a little heat to and from the parking lot. I know what you are thinking “Your a man…what do you know about discomfort?!” Yes, I am a man….a fireman…you try wearing about 75-80lbs of protective clothing for hours at a time -in some cases- in all kinds of weather! Believe me…I know discomfort. My regular duty uniform is wool..so spare me the moaning. You want more comfort wearing them you say! Well, drop the draweres!. Go “Commando”! Hence the name…”Panty”hose! What you wear outside of a professional environment is our business. But, while you are at work you are a representative of your employer so it is best to dress accordingly. Beside..young, old or in between….they make your legs look great.

February 2, 2010 at 8:22 pm
(4) Valerie says:

I’ve never had problems wearing them. Different women have different bodies, and some find a “B” size too tight here, or there, but a “C” size sags in this place or that place. I think these are the women who find them the most troublesome.

We girls have a lot more freedom these days. But my husband? He shows up for a job interview without a necktie and he can forget about being hired. He stops wearing a tie at a particular job and he can start looking for a new job. I asked him one day about them and he challenged me to wear one to work for a week. Well, I did, and he won the bet hands down! My neck and throat were uncomfortable as hell! And no ventilation from the knot pressing my blouse or shirt collar so tightly against my skin. Show the working men a little love, too, please, all you employers!

February 19, 2010 at 11:59 pm
(5) Joe says:

I always figured that if the men were wearing neckties, which are not at all practical, then women should wear skirts or dresses. These aren’t practical either. It evens out.

March 1, 2010 at 10:58 am
(6) nancy says:

yes, i wear pantyhose to work everyday. i enjoy wearing them because i like to look pretty. i have nice legs and i am not ashamed to wear a nice shortk skirt and a pair of pantyhose with my heels to work. i know the men enjoy looking at my legs and what’s wrong with giving them alittle to look at while they’re working! that’s my opinion.

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