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Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Least Stressful Jobs of 2013

By January 5, 2013

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Yesterday we looked at CareerCast.com's list of the 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013. Now let's look at the flip side of that coin: the 10 Least Stressful Jobs of 2013, also from CareerCast. At the top of the list is college professor, a bit surprising if one is at all familiar with the publish or perish environment enclosed within those ivy covered walls. One of the things that cancel out the stress that this could cause is the fact that publishing can lead to tenure which means lifetime employment. Not many occupations offer anything like that.

A few creative jobs are on this list. Seamstress or tailor is in second place. At number four you'll find jeweler. Hairstylist is at number eight. I know that doing what you love can make a job much more enjoyable. Maybe it can also make it less stressful.

There are some occupations in healthcare on the list which probably speaks to the fact that this is a relatively stable industry. I can see how not having to worry about losing your job takes away some stress. These occupations are medical records technician (#3), medical laboratory technician (#5), audiologist (#6) and dietitian (#7).

According to CareerCast, librarian is the ninth occupation on the list because of the "peaceful atmosphere and unlimited access to literature." As a former librarian, I have this to say about that "peaceful atmosphere"—huh? I loved working in a library but peaceful ... not so much. Come into any library right after school lets out and you will see what I mean. The unlimited access to literature feeds into the stereotype of librarians just being a bunch of bookworms. Many of us are into science, law, technology, history and many other things.

Now, we'll hear from the manufacturing industry. Drill press operator is the tenth least stressful occupation. CareerCast attributes its lack of stressfulness to the ability for one to work at his or her own pace and the lack of danger inherent in this job.

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