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Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Should You Go to Work Sick? Please Don't!!!!

By December 30, 2013

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That dreaded F word is showing up in my Facebook feed. FLU! I got my vaccine a couple of months ago so hopefully I won't get it but I know it's still possible. I'll be washing my hands a lot as a preventative measure and I hope that everyone else will do the same. Most of all I hope that those who are sick will stay at home. That's the best way to keep from spreading the bug.

If you are like many people you may feel that calling in sick to work is a bad idea. You may be worried that your boss will be angry at you or that you will miss out on getting work done. These are both valid concerns, but in many situations taking a day off is the best thing you can do for yourself, your co-workers and ultimately your employer.

First off, you have to give yourself a chance to heal. You will generally recover much more quickly if you rest, which is something you can hardly do if you're at work. Your co-workers won't appreciate it if you get them sick. Then they will be the ones wondering whether to take the day off. While your employer may miss your presence for a day or two, having an illness spread through the office will cause many more problems. It's no fun being sick and even less fun thinking about all the catching up you'll have to do when you get back to work. You may be able to do some work from home if your job allows you to (and if you feel up to it), but don't forget to get rest too.

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