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Should You Date a Co-Worker?

By February 10, 2014

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With Valentine's Day only a few days away, what a perfect time to talk about office romance. So, do you know the answer to the question, should you date a co-worker? You may suspect that it's "no" or why else would we bring it up here?

There are so many reasons to avoid having a romantic relationship with a co-worker. Let's say before you left for work today, you and your significant other had a spat. You stormed out of the house grateful for the few hours you will have to be away from him or her. Then, once you realized the reality of the situation, your heart sank. Work wouldn't provide any refuge at all. Why? Your boyfriend or girlfriend works just a few cubicles away from you. Wow!

This lack of separation between your personal life and job is just one reason office romances aren't a good idea. Even if successful, they can have a negative effect on co-workers, supervisors and the employer itself. Careers can be damaged, sometimes irreparably. Before you get the idea that your office is a good place to meet someone, think about the possible ramifications. Read Five Reasons to Avoid an Office Romance.

Of course when it comes to love (or lust), people aren't always influenced by logic. Unfortunately knowing that an office romance can be career-altering may not be enough to stop you from becoming involved, or should I say embroiled, in one. But, there is a chance you, and your career, can come out of it unscathed ... as long as you follow these Rules for Office Romances.

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