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Career Action Plan

A Roadmap to Your Future


What is a Career Action Plan?

A Career Action Plan is a road map that takes you from choosing an occupation to becoming employed in that occupation to reaching your long-term career goals. It is also referred to as an Individualized (or Individual) Career Plan or an Individualized (or Individual) Career Development Plan.

Before You Begin

Developing a Career Action Plan is the fourth step in the career planning process. You must complete the following steps first:
  • Do a thorough self assessment.

  • Completely explore viable career options which were identified during the self assessment.

  • Choose an occupation after considering all the options.

Setting and Reaching Your Goals

  • Break your goals down into short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are goals you can reach in one year or less. Long-term goals are ones that are attainable in one to five years.

  • In order to reach your goals, you will have to get around any barriers you may face. List those barriers and your solutions for dealing with them.

Want to Know More?

Writing a Career Action Plan is an important step in the career planning process. My article “ Writing a Career Action Plan ” discusses this subject in greater detail.

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