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How To Attend a Business Conference


Attending a business conference can feel overwhelming. It is important that you connect with fellow attendees, look your best and come away having learned something important. Learn how to attend a business conference and get the most out of it.
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Here's How:

  1. You'll want to look and feel your best, so plan your wardrobe carefully. Bring clothing you feel confident and comfortable in. Adhere to any established dress protocol.
  2. Bring comfortable shoes. You may be on your feet for many hours.
  3. Contact colleagues who will be attending to set up times to get together.
  4. Bring plenty of business cards.
  5. Use the conference as a networking opportunity. While it may be easier to talk to only those people you know, make sure to make new contacts, too.
  6. Approach small groups of people who don't seem to be in intimate conversations. Introduce yourself.
  7. Listen to your colleagues. You'll learn new ways to solve problems and do your job.
  8. Get people's business cards and send them a note after the conference.


  1. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of people, remember that others may feel the same way.
  2. Avoid alcohol. While one glass of wine or a beer may help you feel more relaxed, more than that may make you a little too uninhibited.
  3. Remember that people love to talk about themselves. When you meet new people ask them about their interests, families, jobs, etc.
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