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Fitting In With Your New Co-Workers

Starting a New Job


New co-workers

New co-workers will welcome you to your new job.

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Your Next Few Weeks, Months...

The biggest hurdle you will have to get over will be fitting in with your new co-workers. The faster you become part of the pack, the sooner you will adjust to your new job. Of course, the length of time it take this to happen varies from person to person and from job to job. While you may fit in immediately at some jobs, it may take a little longer in others. And some people seem to fit in immediately wherever they go. All you can do is try your best and do your job the best way you know how. The following tips may help:
  • Ask questions. You're new and it's better to do something right the first time around than have to do it over.
  • Smile a lot and be friendly. Get to know your co-workers, learn a little about their families, and find out what their interests are.
  • Use your lunch hours to get together with your current co-workers. It may be tempting to meet up with your former work mates if you are nearby, but establishing relationships with your current ones is much more important.
  • Figure out who has the authority to give you work to do and who is just trying to have you do their work. I worked with a woman who would try to push off her work on any unsuspecting person. It took a while to realize that she didn't have the authority to hand out assignments.
  • Pay attention to the office grapevine but don't contribute to it. You don't want to gain a reputation as a gossip monger.
  • Don't complain about your boss, your office mate, any co-workers, or your previous job.
  • Continue to arrive at work early and don't rush out the door at the end of the day. That doesn't mean you have to be the first person to arrive and the last one to leave but don't be the last one in or the first one out.
  • Volunteer for projects that will help you get noticed but first complete projects your boss has given you. Take on a new project only if you are confident you can complete it well and on time. Volunteering will make you look good only if you can follow through with it and will make you look very bad if you can't.
  • Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Your life has changed and it will take getting used to.

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