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Career Information for Dentists - Career Planning - About.com
What do dentists do? Get career information including educational and licensing requirements, earnings, employment outlook and job duties.
Careers in Dentistry - Profiles and Information - Career Planning
There are four different options for those who want a career in dentistry, each one having different job duties, educational requirements and earnings.
Dentist Quiz - Should You Become a Dentist - Career Planning
Should you become a dentist - take this quiz to find out if you should become a dentist.
Dentist - Want to be a Dentist - 5 Tips to Become a Dentist
Sep 10, 2014 ... Find out more about dentists by volunteering in a dental office and learn some of the aspects involved in being a dentist as well as different ...
How to Become a Dentist - Career Overview - Health Careers
In general, a dentist is a doctorate level medical professional who treats the teeth and gums of his or her patients, including preventative care and maintenance ...
Types of Dentists and Related Careers in Dentistry - Health Careers
What careers are available in dentistry? Learn more about the different types of dentists, assistants, technicians, and administrators who work in the field of ...
10 Facts That Your Dentist Wants You to Know
10 things your dentist knows that you should know too. These facts are something every patient should know about visiting the dentist, maintaining good dental ...
Find a Dentist - How to Find a Dentist - Easy Tips to Find a Dentist
Sep 10, 2014 ... Dentist - How to find a dentist. If you are looking for a new dentist, these tips to find a dentist will help make the process easier.
Dentists - 10 Things Your Dentist Won't Tell You - Fact or Fiction?
Sep 10, 2014 ... The article, “10 Things Your Dentist Won't Tell You” recently appeared on SmartMoney.com as well as AOL.com's major news and features.
Before You Pick a Dentist for Your Child With Special Needs
There's more to picking a dentist for a child with special needs than finding the top tooth expert. You'll also want to think about things like how far you'll drive, ...
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