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Human Resources Assistant - Career Information - Career Planning
A human resources assistant (HR assistant) supports a company's or organization's human resources specialist(s). He or she tends to clerical tasks such as ...
Readers Respond: The Real Life of a Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Assistants tell you what it is really like to work in this field - Find out what working human resources assistants do and what they like and don 't ...
Human Resources Assistant Quiz - Career Planning - About.com
Should you become a human resources assistant - take this quiz to find out if you should become a human resources assistant.
Sample Human Resources Assistant Job Description
The Human Resources assistant assists with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the human resources functions and duties. The HR assistant ...
How to Write a Human Resources Assistant Job Description - Videos
Human resources assistants serve an important role in any company, so it's important to write a proper job description for them when hiring. Here's a video ...
How to Interview an Applicant for an HR Assistant Position Video
When interviewing applicants for HR Assistant positions ask questions that will be telling of their experience and skills. Human Resource assistants need to have ...
How Much Does a Human Resources Assistant Earn? - Job Searching
Information on human resources assistant salaries.
Should You Become a Human Resources Assistant? Quiz
This quiz can help you decide if human resources assistant is a good career choice for you based on your personal characteristics.
Human Resources Assistants - Career Planning - About.com
Human resources assistants (HR assistants) keep an organization's personnel records up-to-date. Learn more about this career. What are human resources ...
Sample Human Resources Job Descriptions
The Human Resources assistant helps with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources functions and responsibilities. The HR ...
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