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Is a Career as a Writer Right for You Quiz
The writer career quiz can help you decide if writer is a good career choice - find out if you should become a writer.
Writer and Editor - Career Information - Career Planning - About.com
What do writers and editors do? How are these two occupations different from and similar to each other? Learn about about job duties, earnings and job outlook ...
Writer Quiz - Career Planning - About.com
Should you become a writer - take this quiz to find out if you should become a writer.
Medical Writer Job - Career Overview - Health Careers - About.com
If you are a strong writer, and you enjoy it, you may want to pursue a career as a medical writer. Learn more about the career options and outlook for medical ...
Write for About.com
About.com has openings for writer jobs as Experts. Learn more about one of our many available topics.
How to Write a Job Application Letter (with Samples) - Job Searching
A job application letter is sent or uploaded with a resume when applying for jobs. Here's how to write a job application letter, plus samples.
What Are Legal Writing and Editing? - Legal Careers - About.com
Learn about careers in the legal writing, editing and publishing fields.
How to Become a TV Comedy Writer - Film/TV Careers
Here's more on how to become a TV comedy writer. If this is your dream career, here's your step by step guide to get you there.
Find and Get Writing Jobs - Freelance Writing - About.com
This pathway will highlight all of the information you need to secure writing jobs that will make your new career secure and profitable. And, soon enough, you'll ...
How to Write a Writing Job Resume - Freelance Writing - About.com
Your writing job resume is much like any other resume you've written, in that it's a list of your career-related experiences. However, many writing resumes also ...
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