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Agricultural Engineer

Using their knowledge of engineering technology and science, agricultural engineers design agricultural machinery, equipment, sensors, processes and structure. Learn more about this occupation. What are agricultural engineers' job duties? How much do they earn? What is the job outlook for agricultural engineers? What are the educational and other requirements to work in this field? Should you become an agricultural engineer? Find the answers to these questions here.

Agricultural Engineer: Career Information
Learn about becoming an agricultural engineer. Get a job description and find out how much they earn, what their educational requirements are and what their job outlook is.

Agricultural Engineer: Career Information
What do agricultural engineers do, how much do they earn and what is their job outlook? What are the educational and other requirements?

Quiz: Should You Become an Engineer?
Do you have what it takes to be an engineer, including an agricultural engineer?

The Real Life of an Engineer
The best way to learn about any career is to talk to people who actually work in it. If you are an agricultural engineer, or if you work in any other engineering specialty, please share your story here. Tell us what being an engineer is really like.

More About Engineering Careers
Agricultural engineering is just one branch of this field. Learn about the other branches of engineering.

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What are some other green jobs?

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