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Architects design buildings and other structures. Learn more about this occupation. What are architects' job duties? How much do they earn? What is the job outlook for architects? What are the educational and other requirements to work in this field? Should you become an architect? Find the answers to these questions here.

Architect: Career Information
What do architects do, how much do they earn and what is their job outlook? What are the educational and other requirements?

Quiz: Should You Become an Architect?
Do you have what it takes to be an architect?

How to Become an Architect
To become an architect you can take one of three routes. All require at least five years of secondary education. Find out what degrees you need, what classes you will take and what license is required.

The Real Life of an Architect
The best way to learn about any career is to talk to people who actually work in it. Real-life architects share their stories here. Read about what being an architect is really like or tell us your story about life in this field.

Related Career: Landscape Architect
While architects design buildings and structures, landscape architects design outdoor areas like parks, golf courses and shopping centers.

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