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Getting Along With Your Boss and Co-Workers

A good relationship with your boss and co-workers can make for a healthy career. However, this is not always easy. As a matter of fact it can be very difficult at times. These resources will show you how to improve interpersonal office relationships.

11 Things Your Boss Shouldn't Catch You Doing
When your boss hired you, she thought you would be an asset to the company. Don't let your actions make her think she was wrong. Here are some things she should never catch you doing.

Co-workers Behaving Badly
He did what? She said that? You won't believe some of the stories our readers have shared about their co-workers.

The Five (Difficult) People You Meet at Work
Every workplace has some difficult people. Here are the different types of people you may encounter at work and advice for dealing with each one.

Does Gossip Have a Place at Work
Do the words "I heard it through the grapevine" conjure up memories of an old song or dancing raisins? For many of us it's also just another day at the office. Gossip is an unavoidable presence in all workplaces. But, is it also an unwelcome one?

Five Reasons to Avoid an Office Romance
An office romance can harm your career and should be avoided. Before you decide to get involved in an office romance, read these five reasons why it's a bad idea.

How to Get Along With Your Colleagues
Here are resources that will help you get along with your colleagues.

Nice Co-Worker Stories - What Is the Nicest Thing a Co-Worker…
Sharing stories about nice co-workers - tell us about the nicest thing a co-worker has ever done for you

Quiz: How Do You Get Along With Your Coworkers?
Do you know how to get along with your coworkers? Take this quiz to find out if you know how to help make your work environment pleasant.

Random Acts of Kindness at Work
Why not do a random act of kindness at work? Doing something nice for a coworker will make both of you feel good.

Six Rules for Office Romances
Follow these rules to minimize the harm an office romance can have on your career.

Things You Can Do to Annoy Your Coworkers
What can you do to annoy your coworkers and make them hate you? Follow the advice on this list and you are sure to drive your coworkers crazy ... but don't forget you have to work with them.

Too Much Information
Should you share personal information with your co-workers or should your personal life remain entirely separate from your work life? This article discusses why you may not want to talk to your co-workers about private matters.

Toward a More Civil Work Place
Offensive behavior by co-workers can do more than get on your nerves. It can cause you to quit your job. The result can be costly for employers and a nuisance for the employees that remain. Find out what behaviors are offensive so you can avoid them.

Why and How to Say No Your Boss
If your boss assigns a project to you, how do you tell him or her it will be impossible for you to take it on? Here is how to decide whether to turn down an assignment and how to explain your decision to your boss.

Workplace Bullying
Workplace bullying by co-workers or your boss can make your work life miserable. Here's what can you do about bullying in the workplace.

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