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Career Choice or Change

Find out how to choose the right occupation whether you're doing it for the first time or changing careers. Choosing a career can be confusing. These resources will guide you through the process of selecting the occupation that is most suitable for you.
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How to Make a Career Choice
There are hundreds of career options out there. How do you make a career choice when you don't really know what you want to do?

10 Reasons Not to Rely on Best Careers Lists
Best careers lists—lists that tell you what occupations are expected to grow the most, pay the best or have the most job openings—are appealing to use but they can lead you in the wrong direction. Here are several reasons you shouldn't rely on them when you are choosing a career.

How to Adapt Your Career to a Tough Economy
In a tough economy you may have to make some changes to your career. Find out how to adapt your career to a difficult economy.

Getting Started: The Career Planning Process
When you choose a career you should go through a four step process. These four steps are self, options, match, and action. Learn what all this means and how going through each step is a vital part of choosing a career in which you can find happiness.

Career Development 101
This lifelong process, part of human development, can be confusing. Here is some basic information—frequently asked questions and definitions—that will clear things up for you.

What is a Career?
The main focus of this site is careers, but what exactly does that word mean? What is a career? Here are two simple definitions of the word "career."

What is Career Development?
Career development is a lifelong process that is one aspect of our development of individuals in general. Find about the factors have an influence on it.

What is Career Guidance?
People benefit from assistance with managing their career development. Career guidance consists of services that provide that help.

What Not to Do When Selecting a Career
In the process of choosing a career? Find out what common mistakes you should avoid making.

Career Change Quiz
Are you thinking about making a career change? If you are unsatisfied in your current occupation, take this quiz to help you figure out if a career change is in order.

Career Planning Glossaries
Definitions of career planning terms and short descriptions of occupations.

Choosing a Career Development Professional
When choosing a career counselor, career development facilitator, or other career development professional you must be an informed consumer. This article will tell you what you need to consider when hiring someone to help you with career decisions.

Free Career Planning Class
Career choice is a huge decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. This five week course will take you through the steps that will help you find the career that is right for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Career?
Many people want to know how to choose a career. Choosing the right career means learning a lot about yourself and also about the occupations you are considering.

How to Select Career and Employment Books
Before you buy career and employment books there are some things you should know. Here is what to look for when deciding which career and employment books best suit your career planning needs.

Make Your Hobby Work for You
Do you have a hobby? Do you really enjoy it? If you didn't have to work I bet you could spend more time on it. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh well... you've got bills to pay. Wait a minute! What if you turned that hobby into a career? It's possible. Find out how.

Six Reasons To Make a Career Change
Find out if a career change should be in your plans for the future.

Ten Myths About Choosing a Career
Here's why these ten myths about choosing a career are wrong, along with resources to help you with your career planning endeavors.

Transferable Skills: Bringing Your Skills to a New Career
Transferable skills are the skills you've gathered through various jobs, volunteer work, hobbies, sports, or other life experiences that can be used in your next job or new career.

Examples of Transferable Skills
Here is a list of transferable skills. They can be used to help you figure out which of your skills can be used in a new career.

What Do College Career Services Offices Do?
Find out what services your college's career services office should be providing. Most colleges have career services offices for their students and alumni. Here's what your career services office should be doing for you.

Who Wants to Know How to Plan Your Career?
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Take this quiz to find out if you know how to make the best decision you can. Test your expertise on the career planning process, self assessment, and hiring a career practitioner.

How I Changed Careers
Readers share stories on changing careers and offer advice on how you can can change careers See submissions

How Did You Know It Was Time for a Career Change?
Have you changed careers? How did you know it was time to change your career? Please share your story.

10 Steps to a Successful Career Change
Making a career change usually means investing both your time and money. As with any investment, it's important to be informed before you make it. Before you make a career change, here are steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

How to Find an Amazing Career
Are there certain qualities that make a particular career amazing? The answer all depends on you.

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