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Make a Career Change


If your career is at a standstill, you no longer get any satisfaction from your work, or the job market for those working in your field has taken a nosedive, it may be time to make a career change. These are just some reasons for wanting to change your career. You may have others. If you are thinking about embarking on a career change, these resources can help you with your transition.
  1. Decide Whether to Make a Change
  2. Choose a Career
  3. Plan Your Career Change

Decide Whether to Make a Change

A man contemplates a difficult decision.

There are reasons for making a career change as well as reasons for not making the transition. Making a career change can be an arduous task and it may feel like you are turning your life upside down, but, in the end, you may actually end up turning your life right-side up. You could end up with a career that is moving you in the right direction -- forward. Before you decide to take on this life-changing challenge, find out if a career change is the right thing for you. If you do decide it's a good idea to move forward with this transition, learn how to do it right.

Choose a Career

Short list of careers

Once you've decided to make a career change you'll have to choose a new career field. This is not unlike choosing a career for the first time, but now you'll have the benefit of approaching this task with some savvy. You know what you don't like about your current career field and what you do. You have work experience and skills. All of this will prove useful as you make your career choice.

Plan Your Career Change

Make a Career Action Plan

You've chosen a career that looks promising and now you are ready to take the next steps. That may mean getting additional training either in the form of a degree, additional coursework or work experience. Before you go off haphazardly, put together a formal plan. It will make your transition to a new career much easier.

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