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Gathering information about careers is an important part of the career planning process and will help you discover whether a particular career is right for you. Learn about a wide variety of careers and their job duties, employment outlooks, salaries and educational and other requirements.
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Career Profiles
A library of articles that profile a variety of career choices, including job description, job outlook, salary, requirements. Also included are links to professional associations and job listings.

How to Explore Careers
During this stage of the career planning process, one researches a variety of careers. Find out what information you'll need to have as you consider which career is best for you.

Careers By Field
Educational and licensing requirements differ for the careers within a particular field, as do job duties and salaries. When you know what field you want to work in, but aren't sure which career within that occupation to choose, use these comparisons to help you decide.

Is This the Right Career for You?: Take a Career Quiz
Take a quiz to help you decide if your personal characteristics and the characteristics of the career you are considering are a good match.

Learn how to use labor market information to find answers to questions about the occupations you are considering. For example you can learn which industries employ people in a particular occupation, where the jobs are, what the future holds in store and how much money you can expect to earn.

Share Your Real Career Story
We are looking for your real career stories to share with those who want to learn about different careers. Tell us about your job.

The Top 40 Fastest Growing Occupations
The fastest growing occupations you can have with or without a degree. Here are the fastest growing occupations that require a bachelor's, master's, doctorate degree or only on-the-job training.

Occupations With the Most Job Openings
These are the occupations that will have the most job openings through 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Careers That Don't Require a Bachelor's Degree
These careers don't require a bachelor's degree, but they do require either an associate degree or some post high school training.

Careers You Can Have With Only a High School Diploma
Here are careers you can have with only a high school diploma or a ged. The occupations require a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Civil Service Employment
Do you want a job in the US government? Learn about Civil Service employment opportunities.

Highest Paying Occupations For Which a Degree Isn't Required
Here are the top ten highest paying occupations for which you don't need a college degree. They require only experience and on-the-job training.

The Most Hated Professions
These are the most hated professions. Our opinion of these most hated professions may be influenced by the way they are portrayed in movies or on television. Learn the truth about these professions.

The Most Loved Professions
Our opinion of these most loved professions may be influenced by the way they are portrayed in movies or on television. Learn the truth about these professions.

Informational Interviews
The purpose of an informational interview is to learn about an occupation from someone who has firsthand knowledge. This article tells you how to find someone to interview, what questions you should ask, and what to do during and after the interview.

Should I Choose This Occupation: Quiz
This quiz will help you find out if you are choosing the right occupation. Questions about compensation, job description, job outlook, and qualifications help you decide if you should pursue a particular occupation.

Stimulus Package Jobs
Jobs expected to be created by the stimulus package, officially called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

TV News Careers
Enter a television newsroom and you will see many people doing a variety of jobs. Learn about the occupations of those who work in tv news and find out if one of those careers could be a good fit for you.

Scary Jobs
These six jobs seem very scary. Each deals with something that spooks many of us: death, bugs and vermin, the dark and zombies, monsters and ghosts. Maybe these things don't frighten you at all. In that case, you may want to consider one of these occupations.

What to Do With a Degree in Political Science
Your bachelor's degree in political science will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will allow you to succeed in a variety of careers. Find out what careers you should consider.

Fisherman - Career Information for Fisherman
Fisherman - Career Information for Fisherman

What to Do With a Degree in Education
When you have a bachelor's degree in education, you have many options when it comes to choosing a career. You will have very strong communication skills, the ability to instruct others and other skills that are requird in various occupations. Find out what careers you should consider.

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