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Comparing Careers in Education


A dance teacher with her students.

A dance teacher with her students.

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Those who like to share their knowledge with others, whether it is knowledge of academic subjects, sports, hobbies or performing arts, might enjoy a career in education. There are many options available with varying requirements for entry. Learn about some of these career choices.

Athletic Coach

Athletic coaches train athletes who participate in either team or individual sports. They work with both professionals and amateurs. Experience gained through participation in the sport is required for entry-level positions. Public secondary school coaches usually need a bachelor's degree and must meet individual state requirements for certification. Athletic coaches earned a median annual salary of $28,380 in 2009.
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Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers teach people to perform exercises correctly and motivate them while they are working out. Group instructors participate in classes before they can audition to teach a class. Personal trainers take classes toward certification and work with experienced trainers. Some employers will only hire fitness trainers who have earned a bachelor's degree in health or a fitness-related field. Fitness trainers earned a median annual salary of $30,670 and median hourly wages of $14.74 in 2009.
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Health Educator

Health educators teach individuals and communities how to have healthy lifestyles and prevent disease. A bachelor's degree from a health education program is required. Health ecucators earned a median annual salary of $44,340 in 2009.
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Librarians teach people how to use the library effectively. One must have a Masters in Library Science degree. Most states require certification for public librarians, but certification requirements for school librarians vary by state. Librarians earned a median annual salary of $53,710 in 2009.
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Principals are the administrators of schools. They develop and implement policies and programs, supervise faculty and perform other tasks in order to make sure a school's educational goals are being achieved. One needs a master's degree in educational administration or educational leadership. Principals earned a median annual salary of $85,220 in 2009.
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Self-Enrichment Teacher

Self-Enrichment teachers instruct students in a variety of subjects that usually are not part of a required curriculum. One must demonstrate expertise in the subject he or she wants to teach. Formal training in one's subject area is sometimes required. Self-Enrichment teachers earned a median annual salary of $36,440 in 2009.
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Elementary or Secondary Education Teacher

Teachers are the primary educators of children. They teach their students concepts in a variety of subjects and then help them apply what they have learned. In order to teach in any state in the US one must have a bachelor's degree and complete an approved teacher training program. All states require a license. Teachers working in elementary schools earned a median annual salary of $50,510 in 2009. Those working in middle schools and high schools earned $50,770 and $52,200 respectively.
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Comparing Education Careers
 Minimum EducationLicenseMedian Salary
Athletic CoachEntry-level jobs: Experience playing the sport; Public school jobs: bachelor's Individual state certification requirements for public school jobs$28,380
Fitness TrainerGroup instructors: participate in exercise class; Personal trainers: formal classes/work with experienced trainersCertification is not req. by the state but most employers will only hire certified trainers$30,670/yr.; $14.74/hr.
Health EducatorBachelor'sNone$44,340
Librarian Master'sCertification req. in most states for jobs in public libraries; certification requirements vary for jobs in schools$53,710
Principal Master'sLicense req. in most states$85,220
Self-Enrichment TeacherExpertise and sometimes formal training in subjectNone$36,440
Teacher Bachelor'sLicense req. in all states$50,510 (elementary) $50,770 (middle school) $52,200 (high school)

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