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Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create clothing, including dresses, suits, pants and skirts, and accessories, including shoes, for consumers. Learn more about this career. What is a typical day like for a fashion designer? How much do they earn? What is the job outlook for fashion designers? What are the educational and other requirements to work in this field? Should you become a fashion designer? Find the answers to these questions here.

Fashion Designer: Career Information
What do fashion designers do, how much do they earn and what is their job outlook? What are the educational and other requirements?

Quiz: Should You Become a Fashion Designer?
Do you have what it takes to be a fashion designer?

The Real Life of a Fashion Designer
The best way to learn about any career is to talk to people who actually work in it. If you are a fashion designer, please share your story here. Tell us what being a fashion designer is really like.

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More Entertainment Careers
Some fashion designers work in the entertainment industry as costume designers. What other careers are there in the field of entertainment?

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