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Women in the Workforce

Women face special workplace issues. Here are resources and information of particular interest to women in the workplace.
  1. Pregnancy and Your Job
  2. Women's Organizations (13)

Non-Traditional Employment for Women
Women in non-traditional jobs earn more money than those in female oriented fields. Examples of non-traditional jobs for women include detective, architect, and chef. Learn about these jobs and non-traditional employment in general.

Should You Change Your Name?
In the past when a woman married she automatically took her husband's last name. That's no longer the case. There are many options to choose from, including hyphenating or adding your husband's name to your own. Find out how to make the right choice.

Women Face Glass Ceiling in Hiring
Have female graduates been discouraged from pursuing the same career paths as their male counterparts? This may no longer be possible because of the increasing number of females enrolled in and graduating from college versus the number of males.

About Women's Issues
About Guide Nikki Katz covers the issues that affect women in the 2000s.

Bridge the Gap of Language Styles
It was a long held belief that women should be seen and not heard. Therefore women often report difficulty expressing themselves in public. ECG, Inc. helps women combat the belief that "silence is ladylike" and helps women learn how to communicate.

Do You Know How Women Should Dress for Business?
As this article from ECG, Inc. states, even the experts can't seem to agree on how women should dress for work. The authors sorted through all the conflicting advice to find out what points the experts agreed on. Here they present that advice to you.

Mom MD
Are you a doctor or in med school? This site gives female doctors and medical students the chance to participate in an online community. If you're considering a medical career you can sign up for mentoring, get admissions tips, and info on schools.

National Partnership for Women and Families (U.S.)
The National Partnership for Women & Families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes fairness in the workplace and supports policies that help women and men balance work and family. Find out how to get involved in this organization.

U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau
According to their mission statement, "the Women's Bureau is the single unit at the Federal government level exclusively concerned with serving and promoting the interests of working women."

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