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Calendars for Your Work Space


You know that boring calendar you have sitting there on your desk or hanging on your office or cubicle wall? It doesn't really do much for you, does it? Well, of course it tells you what day it is, and what your plans are (if you write them in). But, wouldn't you like something that is... well... a little more interesting? Here are 10 calendars that will either entertain you, educate you, make you laugh or inspire you.

1. Jokes, Puns and Even a Few Riddles 2014 Desk Calendar

Will these make your co-workers laugh, cringe or roll their eyes?
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2. The Best of the Office 2014 Calendar

A great gift for fans of this long-running series.
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3. 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said 2014 Calendar

After you put your foot in your mouth, remember someone, somewhere has uttered something even dumber. Take comfort in that.
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4. Sunflowers 2014 Wall Calendar

When you have the "stuck at work blues," take a look at these brightly colored flowers. How can they not make you smile?
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5. The Original Sudoku Calendar 2014

These number puzzles can be extremely challenging and addictive. Do one puzzle a day to keep your mind sharp.
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6. Vintage Typewriters 2014 Calendar

Pay homage to the office of yesteryear with this calendar featuring what was once the latest and greatest in new technology.
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7. Dilbert 2014 Calendar

You think your coworkers are wacky? See what Dilbert has to deal with.
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8. Keep Calm and Carry On Page-a-Day 2014 Calendar

These quotes will inspire your day. Who doesn't need a few words to get them going?
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9. Merriam-Webster's 365 New Words a Year 2014 Calendar

Sharpen your vocabulary by adding a new word to it every day of the year.
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10. Darts! 2014 Calendar

Take a break from work and let off some steam. There's a new board for each month.
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