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Losing your job is one of the most stressful life altering events you'll ever face. Find out how to cope if this happens to you. Get help dealing with the emotional effects and with practical issue such as severance pay and unemployment benefits.

What to Do When You Suddenly Lose Your Job
Here are steps you should take when you are suddenly faced with unemployment.

Coping With Job Loss
Job loss is emotionally traumatic. As a matter of fact it ranks among the highest of all stress-causing situations. Here is advice to help you deal with this life-altering event. Learn how to resolve the emotional issues and the practical issues.

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance
If you lose your job you'll probably be hard hit by the financial loss. Get the facts on applying for unemployment insurance in the U.S.

Long Term Job Search: Staying Positive
It's difficult to keep a positive attitude during a long term job search, yet it's imperative that you do. What can you do to keep your chin up when your prospects seem bleak?

Preparing for a Layoff
Preparing for a layoff can help you survive if one hits. Here's how to prepare for a layoff while you are still employed.

Canadian Employment Insurance Benefits
About's Guide to Canada Online, Susan Munroe, tells you how to apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits.

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