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Preparing for a Layoff

What You Can Do Before You Lose Your Job


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When a company is struggling financially its employees could face a layoff. Preparing for a layoff may shorten the period of time you will be unemployed. Here are steps you can take to help keep a layoff from hitting you too hard.
  • Prepare for a Layoff by Having Your Resume Ready: Add new skills as you master them; also include career related milestones and completed projects as they occur; you can always remove irrelevant information from your final version.

  • Prepare for a Layoff by Keeping Your Network Alive: Actively network while you're still working; check in with members of your network with a quick phone call or email; take the opportunity to help others - they may someday return the favor.

  • Prepare for a Layoff by Sharpening Your Skills: Brush up on your skills or learn some new ones; if you don't think you have time to attend classes, consider distance learning.

  • Prepare for a Layoff by Taking Time for Yourself: Your emotional well-being will help you withstand the rigors of a difficult job search; keep up with interests outside of work, for example a daily workout, a hobby, or even a weekly manicure.

  • Prepare for a Layoff by Thinking About a Career Change: If you've been thinking of a career change, you're better off pursuing it while you're still employed; when you lose your job, your priority may be finding a new one as quickly as possible.
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