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Evaluating a Job Offer

Here's what to do after your interview, from waiting to hear from a potential employer to negotiating a job offer and deciding whether to accept or reject it.
  1. Negotiating (5)

Did You Get the Job?
Time can crawl when you're waiting to hear whether you got the job. Here's how to pass the time.

How to Evaluate a Job Offer
Congratulations. You got the job... if you want it that is. How do you decide if you should accept a job offer? In addition to salary, what other factors are part of the equation. And if you decide not to accept, how do you gracefully say no thanks.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Accept a Job Offer
Thinking of accepting a job offer? Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you say yes to a new employer. Your answers will help you make your decision.

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