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Accepting a Job Offer

Questions To Ask Yourself First


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You just received a job offer. Congratulations on such great news. You would love to accept it but feel a bit unsure. Before you decide what to do, here are some questions you should ask yourself. Your answers can help you make a decision.

Have I Been Offered a Fair Salary? Is It Comparable to What Other People in the Same Position Are Making?

While money won't necessarily bring you happiness, you should be paid what you're worth. Find out what others in your field are making. Take into account your experience and your location. Salaries differ by region.

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Have I Met My Potential Boss? Does He Or She Seem Like Someone With Whom I Can Have a Good Working Relationship?

You don't have to be buddies with your boss and in almost all cases you shouldn't be. However, you do want to get along with him or her. First impressions aren't always accurate, but you should trust your instincts.

What Do I Know About My Potential Co-Workers?

You probably haven't had the opportunity to get to know your co-workers, but if you were given a tour of the office during your interview, you at least got to see them. Did they seem friendly and happy to be there? If you consider the amount of time you will spend at work you will realize how important it is to have an amiable relationship with your co-workers. If you haven't had any contact with them yet, it may be time to access your network to find out if anyone in it knows any of them.

Will I Be Comfortable in This Office Environment?

Some offices are prim and proper while others are more relaxed. While you may be more comfortable in one type of environment over the other, neither may be the wrong place for you to work. If you do think you will uncomfortable in a particular environment, consider looking elsewhere though.

Is The Corporate Culture In Line With My Own Values, Attitudes, And Goals?

Does the thought of working an eighty hour work week make you want to cry? Does animal testing make you cringe? Do you always play it straight even if it means you may lose sometimes? Well, a job with a company that requires very long hours, supports animal testing, and encourages their employees to win at all costs isn't for you.

Can I Handle the Commute to This Job?

Driving an hour to a job interview is one thing, but making that trip twice a day, five days a week may be too much. Before you accept a job offer, consider the amount of time you will spend in your car or on a train or bus.
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