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Resumes, Interviews, Networking, Letters, etc.

Conducting a job search campaign is a full time job in itself. Being prepared increases your chances of having a successful campaign. This section covers resume writing, job interviewing, company research, job search letters, and negotiating job offers.
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  6. Resume Writing (15)

How to Get a Job
Are you about to embark on a job search and wondering where to begin? Use these resources to help you get started. Learn about resume writing, job interviewing, following up on interviews and negotiating offers.

Before You Buy Career Books
There are books that tell you how to pick a career, write a resume, ace an interview, and even love your job. Figuring out what you need is easy. Finding the best book to fill that need isn't. Here's what you should know before you go shopping.

Disney Jobs
How to get a job in Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, and Disneyland Paris

How to Use the Internet in Your Job Search
The Internet is a valuable job search tool. Besides job listings, there are free tools such as fax services and email accounts, networking opportunities, and free Web space to accommodate your online resume. You just have to know where to look.

Job Search Quiz
Take this quiz to find out if have what it takes to get the job you want and succeed at it. Test your expertise on subjects such as resume writing, job interviewing, and salary negotiation.

Job Searching When You Are Employed
It is better to conduct a job search while you are employed since candidates who are currently working are more desirable than those who are unemployed. Looking for a job when you have one is difficult since it is likely you will want to keep your job search from your current boss. This can make scheduling interviews, for example, a nightmare....

Local Employment Information
About's Cities and Towns Guides help you find jobs.

Long Term Job Search: Staying Positive
It's difficult to keep a positive attitude during a long term job search, yet it's imperative that you do. What can you do to keep your chin up when your prospects seem bleak?

Olympic Jobs
Find out what jobs are available at the upcoming Olympics.

Personal Marketing Strategy
You have to start job hunting, but what is the best way to embark on your job search campaign. First you must have a game plan. Prepare a personal marketing strategy before you begin. Learn how to find leads and how to organize your job search.

About Job Searching
Alison Doyle, About's Guide to Job Searching, gives you tips for locating jobs and finding employers. Some of the topics Alison covers include online job searching, writing resumes and cover letters, references, unemployment and interviewing skills.

1st Steps in the Hunt: Daily News for Online Job Hunters
A daily newsletter for those embarking on an online job search. Don't forget to look at the archives of these newsletters.

The Brand Called You
A must read article written by Tom Peters. This article discusses creating a strategy for marketing yourself as a "brand".

Organize Your Job Search
From the Minnesota Department of Economic Security Creative Job Search, this article looks at the job search as a job itself. It speaks of the importance of organizing your search.

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