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Why You Need to Network

Networking As a Career Advancement Tool


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What is Networking?

Networking involves individuals forming mutually supportive relationships. People form networks for a variety of purposes, including career advancement. Networking can help you you in a variety of ways as you begin and grow your career.

How Networking Can Help You With Career Advancement

Networking is not merely a way to get jobs, as commonly believed. While networking may eventually lead you to job opportunities, there are other ways your career can benefit from it.

  • Learn about an occupation by conducting information interviews with members of your network.
  • Get recommendations when you are looking for new employees to hire.
  • Research an area or subject with which you are unfamiliar for a work project.
  • Get information about a potential employer before you go on an interview.
  • Get information about a client.

Who Should Be In Your Network?

Your network can be made up of almost anyone you've ever met. Of course not everyone is part of your active network, but each person can be welcomed into your network at some point. In turn, each person in your network has the potential of leading you to other contacts who may then become part of your network. The relations within your network are bi-directional. In other words, one hand washes the other. Don't hesitate to offer support as well as ask for it.

Part 2: Grow and Nurture Your Network

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