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Veterinary Assistant: Career Information


veterinarian's office

A veterinary assistant works alongside a vet.

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Job Description - Veterinary Assistant:

Veterinary assistants care for animals in laboratories, animal hospitals and clinics.

Employment Facts - Veterinary Assistants:

Veterinary assistants held about 75,000 jobs in 2008.

Educational Requirements - Veterinary Assistants:

There are no formal educational requirements for veterinary assistants. They receive on-the-job training only.

Job Outlook -Veterinary Assistants:

Veterinary assistants should see much faster than average job growth through 2018.

Earnings - Veterinary Assistants:

Veterinary assistants earned median hourly wages of $10.43 and median annual wages of $21,700 in 2009.

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A Day in a Veterinary Assistant's Life:

On a typical day a Veterinary Assistant may:

  • feed, water and examine animals;
  • clean and disinfect cages and work areas;
  • sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment;
  • provide post-operative care;
  • administer medication orally or topically;
  • prepare samples for laboratory examination under a veterinarian's or veterinarian technician's supervision;

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