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The Most Hated Professions


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School Principals
Scolding principal
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Why We Hate School Principals: Every adult remembers being a child who was afraid of getting sent to the principal's office. It may have felt like the principal was out to get you ... but only if you misbehaved. Take for example Principal Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off He tried to keep high school student Ferris Bueller from playing hookie. Why did he make it his life's mission to get Ferris back to the classroom. You would have thought he'd be happy to have this troublemaker out of his hair.

The Truth About School Principals: School principals can be considered the CEOs of elementary, middle and high schools. They are responsible for everything that goes on inside their buildings. They establish educational goals and make sure their teachers meet them. They prepare budgets; hire, advise and evaluate staff; and offer emotional support to students and their families. Most school principals work first as teachers. They generally must earn a master's or doctoral degree in order to be promoted to principal.

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