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The Most Hated Professions


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TV News Anchors
Television news anchor delivers bad news with a smile
Photo (c) RT Images / iStockphoto; edited by Dawn Rosenberg McKay
Why We Hate TV News Anchors: While a reporter is out in the field in the midst of the disaster du jour, the tv news anchor is sitting warm and safe in the studio looking as if all is right in the world. But, all isn't right! A car has fallen off a bridge, there's a war going on and someone has been murdered. Why is the anchorman smiling? It does make you hate him or her, doesn't it?

The Truth About TV News Anchors: TV news anchors present news stories and introduce reporters who are in remote locations. They sometimes deliver analyses of various news stories. Many tv news anchors began their careers as reporters, so they are well-aware of what the reporters are experiencing out in the field. Most employers prefer to hire job candidates who have a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications.

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