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Office Etiquette

Here are rules for proper office etiquette including email and cell phone use, and other interactions with co-workers.

Cell Phone Etiquette in the Workplace
If you bring your cell phone to work, here are some rules of etiquette you should follow to make sure you don't offend your co-workers and your boss, and possibly jeopardize your job.

Office Party Don'ts
Planning to attend an office party? Here are ten office party don'ts. Avoiding them can save your professional reputation.

Things You Can Do to Annoy Your Coworkers
What can you do to annoy your coworkers and make them hate you? Follow the advice on this list and you are sure to drive your coworkers crazy ... but don't forget you have to work with them.

10 Things to Never Do at a Business Lunch
What behavior is inappropriate at a business lunch? Hint: It goes well beyond chewing with your mouth closed.

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