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Personal Issues at Work

Personal issues such as life circumstances, mental and physical health, and lifestyles can affect us at work. Find out what to do when that happens.
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Your Personal Issues and Work
Personal issues including family problems, life changing situations, emotional difficulties, illness, and even one's sexual orientation, can impact your job and ultimately your ability to advance your career. Try as you might to keep your private life separate from your worklife, inevitably one may begin to run into the other. Learn how to keep...

Cancer and Your Career: Know Your Rights
A diagnosis of cancer is devastating. You may have trouble thinking of anything else, but you will have to give some thought to your job. Find out what your legal rights are regarding taking time off and dealing with discrimination.

Coming Out at Work
Announcing that you are a gay man or a lesbian to your boss and co-workers can have a big affect on your career. Can it cost you a promotion or even a job? Should you come out at work? Here are some resources that will help you decide.

Death in the Workplace: Dealing With the Death of a Co-Worker
When a colleague dies, the impact on his or her co-workers is tremendous. It leaves a void both professionally and personally. How do the people left behind continue to do the work they are expected to do and pay tribute to their departed colleague?

Do You Know How to Relax?
If you are relaxed you will be more productive. Learn relaxation techniques.

Shyness: Can It Affect Your Career?
Shyness can have a profoundly negative effect on your career. Learn more about shyness and how to overcome this debilitating problem.

Too Much Information
Should you share personal information with your co-workers or should your personal life remain entirely separate from your work life? This article discusses why you may not want to talk to your co-workers about private matters.

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