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Don't Quit Your Job Yet

Alternatives to Quitting Your Job


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You may be tempted to quit your job because of a few problems. However, it is important to note that certain issues can be resolved without quitting your job. Here are some common work place problems and possible solutions you should consider before you resort to quitting your job:

  • Your job is interfering with family responsibilities. or Your commute is getting to you.
    Alternative work options like flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting, can help you whether your job is interfering with your family responsibilities or if your daily commute is becoming unmanageable.
  • You have difficulty getting along with a co-worker, You have difficulty getting along with all your co-workers, or You don't get along with your boss.
    Bad relationships with your co-workers and boss can seem as difficult as a bad marriage. After all, you do spend many of your waking hours at work. Before you get a divorce ... um ... quit your job, find out how to improve your relationships with your boss and co-workers.
  • You received an unsatisfactory performance review.
    So, you received an unsatisfactory performance review. Does that mean you have to quit your job? If the review was fairly accurate, you should find out how to improve your performance. If you think the performance review was unfair, then you should calmly discuss it with the reviewer.
  • Your employer instituted some new policies with which you're unhappy.
    Change is difficult. You need to figure out whether your unhappiness with your employer's new policies stems from your resistance to change or if you truly feel the new policies are bad for the company. If you find that the latter is true, you should approach your boss about your misgivings. Be prepared to present a clear rationale along with suggestions for improvement.

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