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Job Relocation

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


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You get the memo from your employer. They are pleased to inform you that your position is not being eliminated. They are happy to have you as an employee and hope you will be able to remain in your job. However, that job will now be located in ... Fill in the blank with the name of some locale to which you cannot commute from your present home. You must pick up your family, find a home, find schools for your children and move to a strange place. In addition, your spouse, who may be happily employed near your current home, must quit his or her job and start anew.

If you follow the news, you know this is not an unusual scenario. Companies often decide that they can operate more efficiently in another town and either hire a new staff in that town or take their employees along. If your employer offers to take you along, you must decide if you would rather relocate or look for a new job. There are many practical factors to think about: cost of living in the new town, quality of life, and job opportunities for your spouse. There are also personal factors, for example leaving family, friends, and all things familiar, to consider. What follows are resources that can help you with the practical issues. These resources can help you compare the costs of living, find apartments, find houses, and organize your move.

This is a free database of United States rental apartments. Includes rent, apartment features, and property features. Some listings even include a photograph. Very easy to search.

Visit this site to calculate and compare the cost of living in U.S. and international cities, get information on schools, culture and crime to help you decide where to live (or not to live), and create a customized timeline to assist you in planning your move.

Local Employment Information
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Worldwide ERC (The Workforce Mobility Association)
The official site of this organization, which is made up of relocation professionals.

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