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Resume Writing

Your resume introduces you to potential employers. Find out how to write one that will make a good impression. Learn about different resume formats. See samples of good and bad resumes. Get the facts on portfolios and other resume related documents.
  1. Free Resume Banks

Resume Formats
How should you format your resume in order to make sure it best highlights your attributes? Learn about three basic resume formats: chronological, fuctional and combination. Your choice should be based on whether you are looking for a job in the same field or changing careers.

Resume FAQs
Do you have questions about resume writing? Since a resume is such a crucial part of the job search, you aren't alone. Here are answers to several frequently asked questions.

Putting Together An ASCII Resume
Learn how to put together a resume in ASCII format. ASCII, or plain-text format, is required by many online resume banks, and by companies which accept resumes via email. Get pointers and tips and find out where to go for additional information.

Lying On Your Resume
Lying on your resume may be tempting, especially if it makes you seem more qualified. This article discusses the problems telling a lie on your resume may cause. Find out why lying, even though it may get you hired, may not be worth it at all.

Curriculum Vitae - definition
What is a curriculum vitae?

Review: The Resume Catalog
Subtitled, "200 Damn Good Examples," this book, by Yana Parker, contains sample resumes that span across 13 job categories. It is an excellent resource, both for those writing their own resumes and for those who write resumes professionally.

Should a Resume Be Industry Specific?
Here's one from my email inbox: “How do you write a resume that is specific to the broadcasting industry?” If you're entering a new industry, you will be interested in my answer to this question.

Employment Portfolios
An online portfolio provides a way to reveal your credentials to the world. About Guide to Job Searching, Alison Doyle, tells you how to prepare one.

Keyword e-Resume Tutorial
Learn how to optimize your resume as a keyword resume. CareerPerfect.com tells you how to do that as well as create an ASCII resume to be submitted online, and a scannable resume. You'll also get advice on how to submit each type of resume.

Professional Resume & Cover Letter Examples
Here are sample resumes and cover letters from CareerPerfect.com. Choose an occupational field and then the type of resume and cover letter you want to see. You'll be able to select from traditional resumes, ASCII resumes, and scannable resumes.

Samples and Worksheets
Resume samples and worksheets from the Minnesota Department of Economic Security.

Should You or Shouldn't You? Evaluating Resume Banks
How to decide whether to use a resume bank and if so which one. Also addresses the issue of confidentiality.

Showcase "Home Run" Accomplishments
From The Career Advisor, use your accomplishments to write a high impact resume.

Why Employers Use Resume Banks
A discussion of why employers utilize electronic databases will help you formulate a resume that best utilizes this technology.

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