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The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples

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The Bottom Line

This book is an excellent resource, both for those writing their own resumes and for those who write resumes professionally.
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  • Hundreds of sample resumes.
  • Real resumes written for real people.
  • Help for those without perfect backgrounds.


  • None.


  • Written by Yana Parker, who was a professional resume writer.
  • Contains 200 sample resumes across 13 job categories.
  • Also includes problem-solving tips and a section on cover letters.

Guide Review - The Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples

This comprehensive catalog of resumes contains real resumes written by Ms. Parker for her clients. According to the author, these are resumes of people who don't have perfect backgrounds. There are gaps in employment, for example. Being mindful of this, Ms. Parker has included tips to help readers resolve or minimize these problems. In addition, Ms. Parker addresses the needs of young job seekers, including those seeking part-time and after-school employment. She also provides sample resumes for recent high school and college graduates looking for first jobs.
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