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Self Assessment

Your skills, interests, personality, and values play an important role in your career choice. Find out what effect they have and learn about the various self assessment tools, also called career assessment tools, that help with the career planning process. Try some of the tools online.
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Self Assessment: An Overview
A self assessment should be the first step you take when choosing an occupation. Learning about yourself helps you figure out what career to pursue. Find out what a self assessment should look at.

Personality Type
Knowing your personality type can help you choose a more suitable career. This is why a personality inventory should be part of every self assessment.

Interests and Career Choice
People working in the same occupation share similar interests. You can discover what yours are during a self assessment.

Strong Interest Inventory
The Strong Interest Inventory is a self assessment instrument that is used to measure one's interests as they relate to career choice.

The Holland Code
This three letter code tells you about your personality type and can help you find a career that is compatible. Find out about the theory behind the Holland Code and learn about the types.

Identifying Your Work Values
Your work values are those things that are important to you as they pertain to your career. Identifying your work values is essential to choosing a satisfying career.

Self Assessments and Your Career
Self assessment tools are used to help people make informed career decisions. Find out how to gather information about your values, interests, personality and aptitude and how to use that information to help you choose a career.

What is a Career Test?
What is often referred to as a career test, is really a combination of self assessment tools used to help with career-related decision making. Find out why "career test" is really a misnomer and learn what a self assessment can and cannot tell you.

Top Ten Books About Self Assessment
These books about self assessment have been reviewed by your Career Planning Guide.

What is Aptitude?
You may have heard you need a particular aptitude to succeed in an occupation.Do you know what aptitude is? Learn how you should use this important piece of information to help you choose a career.

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