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Turning Negativity into Positive Action

How to Use Workplace Negativity to Implement Change


Negativity at work can be harmful. Negativity often results in a loss of productivity and a high rate of turnover. Negativity is contagious. The expression "misery loves company" rings true when it comes to spreading negativity around the office. Those who have negative feelings will first seek out others who feel the same way, and then try to influence those who don't.

Negativity isn't always bad. It sometimes brings existing problems out of the darkness. With the problems out in the open, they can, hopefully, be resolved. Here are some tips to help you turn negativity into something that can actually help cause positive change in the workplace.

  • Make Sure Your Criticism is Constructive: Don't just complain, be ready to offer solutions to the problems you are pointing out.

  • Take Action: Take it even one step further than offering solutions to the problems about which you are complaining. Offer to help implement those solutions.

  • Don't Try to Fix What Isn't Broken: There are some people who think everyone else is doing things the wrong way. They want to make changes just for the sake of having input. Concentrate your energy on fixing thing that are truly in need of repair.
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