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Career Lessons Learned in 2010


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Choose a Career Carefully
Is this man depressed because he hates his job?

Is this man depressed because he hates his job?

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Almost half of all working Americans are unhappy with their jobs according to the results of a Conference Board survey that were released in January. One of the reasons for this high level of dissatisfaction may be that many people don't choose their careers wisely. They pay little attention to what they would actually enjoy doing for eight hours a day, five days a week, ending up with a career that is unsuitable for them.

Of course we can't ignore the terrible job market that is also the cause of many people's job dissatisfaction. Those who are employed are unwilling to risk losing a steady source of income even if they are unhappy with their jobs or their careers. Staying in a job or a career you don't like for the time being isn't a bad thing, but dare to look toward the future. Start planning now for the career you will have when the job market improves. It may even make your current situation more palatable.

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