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9 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Work


It is important that you make a good impression at work. If you do, your boss will be more likely to give you greater responsibility which can in turn lead to promotions and raises. Here are nine ways to make a good impression at work.

1. Use Proper Office Etiquette

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Using good manners will help you make a good impression with your boss and also your co-workers. Office etiquette includes everything from the proper way to use email to knowing when, where, and how to use your cell phone while at work.
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2. Face Up to Your Mistakes

When you make a mistake at work, which everyone inevitably does at some point, face up to it. Don't ignore your error or place the blame on others. Take responsibility and come up with a solution to fix your mistake. Your boss may not be too happy about it, but she will at least be impressed with your response.
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3. Know When to Call in Sick to Work

Do you think coming to work when you are sick instead of staying at home will impress your boss? Reasonable bosses know that a sick employee not only isn't productive, he or she can spread an illness around the office rendering everyone else unproductive. Call in sick when you need to.
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4. Come Through in a Crisis

When the unexpected happens at work, who will make a better impression on the boss -- the employer who wrings his hands and does nothing or the one who springs into action? Of course it's the employee who deals with the crisis quickly and effectively.
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5. Know What Topics to Avoid Discussing

Avoiding inappropriate topics may not help you make a good impression at work but it will keep you from making a bad one. Subjects that do not make for good workplace conversation include politics, religion, and health problems and other personal issues.
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6. Manage Your Time Effectively

Your ability to complete projects in a timely manner will help you make a good impression on your boss. You should demonstrate that you know how to manage your time effectively by handing in projects when, or even before, your deadline.
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7. Dress Appropriately

Make a good impression at work by wearing the right clothes. You should dress the right way for the "role you are playing." If you aspire to be a leader at work, dress like one.
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8. Avoid Offending Your Co-Workers

Make a good impression or avoid making a bad one by not doing things that offend your co-workers. Always show respect towards your co-workers. The last thing a boss wants brought to his attention are the uncivil actions of one of his employees.
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9. Represent Your Company Well at Business Meetings

When you represent your employer at a business meeting making a good impression on other attendees will in turn help you make a good impression on your boss. Dress appropriately, network on your employer's behalf, and bring back information.
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