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Readers Respond: Co-Workers Behaving Badly

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facebooking tattle

I'm in a situation where I posted a frustration on my Fb paige...my page doesn't show where I work and is set to private..the rant was general and had no names with it...my only mistake was allowing an ex coworker be my Fb friend....she thought it would be funny to send my post to a current employee and send a year old post to another....like I said general remarks and no names but these coworkers seem to think all I want to do is talk about them....so now I'm looking at getting transferred just because a seed was planted in everyone's mind.
—Guest from the bottom up

More Than One Way

I work with a guy who thinks his way is the only way to do anything! He acts like my superior and he's only been there 6 months longer than me. He's angry because the boss likes me. I recently received a raise and am afraid to tell even my closest friends in fear that it will get back to him. He's a nice guy, but he needs to realize that different people do things differently and that trying to belittle me in front of our boss is counterproductive for him.
—Guest Morethanone

The Absentee Worker

Boss with narcissistic personality disorder hires employee who is a personal friend after a tragedy. Only appears in office infrequently and when she does show up to work, she is never prepared or has anything substantial to add. Everyone in office has to arrange their schedules to match hers. Important meetings are rescheduled if she has other personal affairs to attend to. She is either unaware or does not care about the exceptionalism with which she is treated. The boss is either unaware or does not care that such exceptionalism is very bad for office morale. Standards are never even in a workplace, particularly a privately owned company, however, the standards by which she is treated are monumentally different from how the rest of us are treated.
—Guest What's next?


I was shocked at this one job I had when I saw the behavior that went on. I wish I saw these people during my interview because I never would have taken the job...it was a little fishy because he handed it to me on the spot. Most companies do not do that. My first day I knew I made a mistake taking this job. Every word out of their mouth was f*** this, f*** that. There were no rules, no dress code, nothing! Then they're hiding behind their desks flinging rubber bands at each other, I felt like I was back in elementary school. Then I get the pleasure of having to listen to them talk about sex. They were so loud and obnoxious I couldn't take it. I ended up leaving. What bothers me the most is no one says anything. I told my boss and he was just like is it that bad? lol! I'm the type of person that needs to be in more of a professional environment. I want to be comfortable going to work everyday lol!
—Guest Danielle

interrupting, and selfish

My co-worker always interrupts conversations and turns them around to "her". She has to "one-up" everything I say. When I try to talk to her, she interrupts and just talks about herself. She is now bad-mouthing me behind my back, and she blabs things people have told her in confidence. She is a phoney, liar, and a kiss-b*** also. I think her constant rudeness is a form of jealously towards me, and she also feels she is in competition with me, but I don't feel any competition towards her. Is she nuts?
—Guest lisa

snakes in the mouths of co-workers

There's only 5 women in my dept. and being the new girl I learned very quickly who's on who's team. I've heard my dept. had alot of turn over and I know every reason why. Each chick has their own way of doing things and when working with each of them say " oh you're doing that wrong, so in so showed you the wrong way". everybody's way is different. I can't win with these women, now my name is being thrown about and I just don't, can't, shouldn't have to deal with it. Nobody even works a 40 hour week!!!! All they do is talk badly about each other.I mean if we have to work together why not work together?! Its not even worth the money. thanks for letting me vent. I am probably going to quit. I've already started going home early and think of many things to call off with. No good.
—Guest other girl

Passionate Worker

I am passionate about my work and get very involved. I notice that when someone approaches me , i am not responsive in a non verbal way, because of being involved in the work. While i make friends in my office breaks, i loose them at my desk, since they think i am rude and unappreciative of their presence. They think I am not approachable, how do i solve this problem?
—Guest AK

Full time pay for half a** work

I have worked in my present company for two years and, unfortunately, my coworker is awful. He has been here much longer but doesn’t know a thing. He sits at his computer all day, shopping for anything and everything under the sun, checking personal emails and making personal phone calls. Next comes the 2+ hour lunch break (even though we are allotted an hour). After lunch it’s more personal business on company time, that is only if he hasn’t had too much to drink during lunch or smoked too many greens (which happens quite frequently). He is rude to our clients, rude to our vendors and like I mentioned before, doesn’t know a thing. Meanwhile, I’m stuck doing all of his work in addition to mine. Yet, when the boss asks him how he’s doing on all his work, he answers as if he’s on top of it and it’s getting done. Then when the boss leaves, he turns to me and says “Are you almost done with that work?!” Are you kidding me??? Our boss is the president of the company.
—Guest fed up

horrible co-worker

I just started a new job and the guy I have to work with all day hates me and doesn't try to hide it unless someone is around, normally. Yesterday, during a meeting, I spoke up, and another coworker actually noticed the eye rolling. He nearly winces whenever i speak. Every time I ask a question he LAUGHS at me in a mocking way. I just started this job and am new to the business for god's sake. Today, i got into work, sat down, he sits literally two feet away from me, and ran into the ladies room to cry my eyes out. My boss walked in after me to ask what was wrong. I just told her I just received bad news and she kindly sent me home, I hope she doesn't think I'm a nutcase, but I just don't think she'd understand how badly this guy treats me, cause he sucks up to her big time and she needs him cause she's also new. I thought I could shrug this off but now I don't know. I need this job, so I guess I'll just have to tolerate the cruelty, but I am furiously looking for something else.
—Guest fedup

Fraud, Waste, and Many Forms of Abuse

I work for a manager at an Idaho agency who thinks it is OK to not do his job, be boorish and disgusting, and bully employees. This man makes humiliating and hurtful comments to me and others in meetings. He surfs the Web, reads library books, and takes hour-long walks during work hours, yet he claims an 8-hour day on his time sheet. Under his so-called leadership, our agency has failed to meet federal requirements we must adhere to for funding, such as 70% data capture from monitoring equipment, annual reporting, and equipment precision. He's also disgusting to be around with his perverted comments about female coworkers' bodies, sharing of inappropriate email images and humor, and not washing his hands after his daily constitution. Unprofessional P-I-G, in every sense of the word. It has been torture watching him take taxpayer money when he does nearly zero, being on the receiving end of his status-slap comments, and having the energy sucked out of us by this sociopath.
—Guest Bullied

The Manager That Cries

I have worked for the same retail company for about 5 years. Drama was always in the atmosphere, but it increased when my store manager decided she wanted to get married. She became erratic and started to cry everyday, because of the stress of the wedding and her ill mother. Bringing that kind of (very personal) emotion is definitely inappropriate, but what really got me was recently (after 5 years I have worked with this person) she chewed me out over taking too many weekends off and berated my life saying those days were not important and that I didn't deserve them: she did. Instead of taking me to the side and asking why, and working something out, she cried and used me as her stress ball. On top she has manipulated my pay roll; I believe in spite. (I am figuring out the policy on that before reporting her) I will be quitting soon. No matter what, you don't treat people like that. That was the last straw.
—Guest Fed Up

SR Coordinator

I have worked for a great organization for 6 years now and everything is great except one thing. We have a Senior Coordinator that has worked here a very long time. One minute she is your best friend and the next she is yelling inappropriate things at you. Like today I asked her a question and she yelled at me about a co-worker's husband dying. Whenever she is off for vacation or a sick day the atmosphere in the office is so relaxed and easy going and we all get so much done. But when she is here we are all walking on egg shells. She has got to be close to retirement age, but rumor has it she won't retire. I have shed so many tears over her careless comments. They are so hurtful. But it's not just me. She does this to everyone. Within the organization all you have to do is say her name and people are so sympathetic that I work with her.
—Guest Kim

Diner Server From Hell

I'm a busser, she's a server, need I say more? Yes, actually. After being hired as a busser I found that I would be washing dishes, serving food, taking orders, which is fine with me, whatever. However, every day I work with her I'm near a nervous breakdown by the end of the day. We work the busiest days of the week and she basically gets me to do all her work for her. She criticizes everything I do and how I do it, she wants me to be 4 people at once, she tells me to do one thing and a second later tells me to do another and then gets mad because I didn't finish the first thing... continuously, all day, I can never finish anything because she doesn't let me! She doesn't help if I'm buried in work, she just piled it on and in the last couple days she's stopped answering my questions or answering them very slowly even if they're very urgent. She will berate me in front of customers and complains about me to other coworkers within my ear shot.
—Guest Anon

Nasty Manager

UGH! First let me say I am glad to get this out... I work at a corporate hotel doing payroll so I know and see almost everything. Well the front desk manager is having sex with her bellman. It went from employees seeing them coming out of rooms together over the weekends to now they both have the same address on the employee file. I have mentioned this to our HR director and nothing has come of it. This lady who is a non exempt employee being paid 80 hrs a pay period but only works 60 of the 80. She takes days off and never submits paid time off request. I could scream this is is so stupid, so many people see this and no one is doing anything. So I called our corporate employee relations department to report it anonymously and they tell me that because the hotel I work for is franchised hotel they can not take a claims from me and I need to speak directly to the hotel manager. This is crazy!
—Guest Hotel Girl

The Pyscho Queen

I work with the pyscho queen of all times. I paint landscapes and flowers and hang them in the bathrooms for the co-workers to enjoy (our office is beige and gray). When the queen got mad because after 4 yrs she finally was given a bit of real work (some of my work-since I did 90% of the dept workload-she did the other 10%) to do, she went nuts on my paintings and put 30 holes in them (probably w/pushpins-cause everyone takes them into the bathroom with you). Once they were noticed, she was the only one that could have possibly had a reason to be bugged at me- she was moved to the other side of the office bldg-at least she can terrorize someone on that side of the bldg. now.
—Guest BFAB

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Co-Workers Behaving Badly

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