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Readers Respond: Co-Workers Behaving Badly

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being harrassed by a girl cause I handso

I've been taking the psycho mind games from this girl at work for about 4yrs. She was frustrated at first cause I didn't pay attention to her from the start. She finally got me for a while. She still works there. I finally got away from her but I still have to work with her. I don't think she really likes me but has manipulated every co-worker and nurse by telling them it's all my doing and making it seem that I like her. When I complain to co workers they laugh at me and tease me about her. Funny thing is my supervisor has taken up for her on several occasions saying I need to get over her like I was the one chasing her. I walk by and she makes faces. She's never apologized for all the nasty manipulating things she's ever done to me but to every co worker all this was my doing. It's sickening that she sits in office never feeling guilty for what she's ever done. I'm so angry!
—Guest Tommy


I once worked in a store where one of the managers constantly yelled and complained about many of the employees. From what I knew, all or most of us disliked her but we wanted to keep our jobs. I told them we could ban together and make a formal complaint but too many were afraid of losing their jobs. Also, this one young lady gave me constant evil looks and never said hello after I said it to her on more than one occasion. Also my mother use to work for [name of store deleted by editor], and they would never let her leave when she was supposed to. Her boss was so loud and scary, all or most under her quit within a few weeks. Another story, I have a friend who works for a company where one of his female employees has screamed and yelled like a maniac in front of her coworkers about personal matters that had no bearing on the company the worked for. She is a raving lunatic. I wrote (one time) a complaint on an appropriate site, never mentioned names and someone wrote I was being 'inappropriate'. Um, O-KAY.


I work in a hospital and there is a guy in our dept that can be nice and then "angry" the next. Anytime he thinks someone has said anything about him he will "confront" you with an explosive angry rant. I have witness him going off on my co-worker and she could not believe how bad he was. He will give you the silent treatment and roll his eyes at any given moment. He is old enough to know better yet acts like an angry guy all day long. What gets me is how everyone thinks he is so cool. Don't get me wrong. His work ethic is great. His behavior is really bad. I am afraid he will hurt someone one day. I told my co-worker to tell the hr-dept. She has chosen to just stay away from him. I stay away as well. And when I do see him I just turn away or leave. This is such a bad way to work. I don't feel safe with this guy around and I always watch my back. He is sneaky and just plain "crazy"! Yet people think he is this nice guy! One day this guy will lose control and then what?


I just started a new job in a hospital. The employees in my new department do nothing but bad-mouth the supervisor, warn me that I should have a "second job" because the hospital fires people for no reason. Employees that have been there 7-9 years are fired. They keep feeding me negative info. Never been in this situation before. Wondering if they're trying to make me quit? Maybe someone else wants my full-time position? I was so happy being hired at this hospital until listening to them all day long.
—Guest Robbie

co-workers behaving badly

I have been working a 12 hour night-shift for over twenty years. Now that I finally am able to claim the daytime , I am being made miserable by a co-worker. He hates me and always has. He often tells me to get the hell back where I belong. I have tried to respond with good humor but about 2 weeks ago I could take no more abuse and gave some of his crap back to him; To which he replied with physical threats. I think the man is mentally unbalanced, but people have put up with him so long they do not take him seriously. I can't quit my job. I have too many people depending on me and at my age[62]I have zero chance of getting decent employment. My only strategy at this point is to refuse to acknowledge his existence. This makes for an uncomfortable day, but better than hearing his evil crap for twelve hours.
—Guest Diablo Verde

Queen of work avoidance

I work with a woman who is the “Queen of work avoidance”. It truly is an amazing thing to see and with absolutely no effort she slides out of meetings with no new projects or has amazingly gotten someone else to do it for her. She NEVER volunteers to help others and refuses to do anything she is not told directly by the boss to do. Even then she does the least amount of work possible and leave people hanging. She has been at the company longer than anyone else in the department but she knows NOTHING. Any new employee asking her a question of the most basic nature is turned away with a shrug of her shoulders and a dismissive “I don’t know, go ask so and so”. The whole office and all those people she communicates with during the day are left holding the bag and must find someone else to help them or figure it out for themselves. Our whole team is doing more with less like most every other company in the country and this added work load is not acceptable.
—Guest Tired

Working With 5 Year-Olds

There are two co-workers who have recently become friends. They gossip about everyone, yet if they hear the slightest notion that someone is talking about them, OMG they go crazy. They bash me every second with snotty snide indirect remarks (especially when training new employees). They act like little kids. Their language is very poor, cursing at the nurses' station and talking about their "gangster" ways. It's such a terrible work environment and horrible that the management lets such people run the place! They are threatened by good nurses and try to find any fault they can then exploit it! I've not allowed myself to stoop to their level, but they're starting to pin people against me. Any suggestions? I hate to leave a job and find even worse coworkers.
—Guest Nurse BA

new job

I just started a new job and my old job we worked 364 days a year. So I was surprised to see we all had the 24th of November off. I had asked my co worker why? Her response in front of the other co workers was "because it's Thanksgiving, dumbass!"
—Guest goodpeopleanymore?

Co-Workers Behaving Badly

My co-worker told me that I was so over the top nice it was all she could handle. Then when I tried to avoid talking with her for several days she asked me to meet with her and when I did she asked me how we were going to fix this problem we were having and I asked for an apology and she had no idea what for and when I reminded her what she had said to me she responded by telling me she remembered thinking it but not saying it to me. This was just one of about a million crazy stupid condescending remarks she made to me on a daily basis. I wasn't allowed to get on the phone at 4:30 in the afternoon because that is when she left for the day and she thought I was playing mind games with her by pretending to be busy so I wouldn't have to tell her goodbye at the end of the day. When she would make me cry I would leave my desk and once I returned she would tell me how unprofessional I was by leaving my desk. Of course I was not allowed to share any bullying stories with anyone else either.
—Guest Jo

Disturbed Co-Worker

I work with a woman who constantly talks to herself all day facing her computer. I realize most people talk to themselves, however, it is usually done at home or in their minds. She does it directly and it is always negative things she talks about. She thinks she is some kind of victim. No one has ever disrespected her in the office. She is bringing her problems from home.
—Guest Jason

rude coworker

I am a teacher with 3 assistants assigned to my classroom. I have been sick for the past 6 months with severe vertigo/dizziness (might be migraines). Recently I was out sick for 4 days due to doctor, appointments, testing, and illness. When I returned to school everyone I saw asked how I was feeling and how the testing went. EXCEPT one of my assistants. She acted like she was pissed off that I had been out sick. Or maybe she was pissed off that I returned. Not sure but she didn't even respond when I said good morning to her. Anyway, I'm looking for another job and will leave asap.
—Guest mayla

The ridiculing man

I am 40yo man. I work 3 feet away from a guy who cannot help but berate me and ridicule me for the job I am doing. He has ridiculed me and berated me in front of others. He stares intently at me when he talks. I have now contacted HR and they are talking to witnesses because he is such a jerk. I do not want to fight, been there, done that, HR can punish him and now he will know how serious this is.
—Guest Bob

I Hate My Job!

My co-worker and supervisor are friends. I feel I am being treated unfairly because of this. My co-worker is constantly allowed to work overtime and I have been denied. My workload is also a lot more. I am so frustrated I've gone home many nights in tears. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. Every time I get an email, I'm thinking to myself, "now what is she complaining about". I constantly have headaches and all I want to do is quit!

On the Job Theft

I work with a woman who has done nothing but talk badly about the people who work the hardest. I have a motto and it is this, "if you have time to talk about other people at work you're not doing your job!" This woman has stolen public property and hacked computers, and manipulated data. She does not do her job and is just a nasty person. I am not sure how she has managed to hold onto her job. She also was fired from her last job for stealing. She stole cameras from me because she had keys. Not a good thing! I just lost my son and my mind was elsewhere. After coming to my right mind, I realized what had happened. She is on maternity leave. I hope she never comes back. SHE IS A MONSTER!
—Guest Lvme

co work

I'm 60 years old. I go to work everyday. I'm the first one there. My coworkers come in. They hit the clock and sit down to eat before starting work. They leave the floor for 20 minutes. I have to answer their call lights. They are always lying about me to the boss. She believes them instead of asking me what's going on. Sometimes I just want to break down and cry but I hold it together. I hate going there but I know I have to work.
—Guest ida cooper
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