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Readers Respond: Co-Workers Behaving Badly

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Everyone has a story about a co-worker's bad behavior. My tale is about a co-worker who would steal food from the refrigerator, ask other people to do her work and brag about how Mommy got her the job! Share your story about something one of your co-workers did that really ticked you off. Don't forget to omit the name of the guilty party — we don't want to embarrass anyone. Share Your Story

Annoying co-worker

I have a colleague W who comes in late almost every single day of the 1.5 years she is here. And she spoke to boss to allow her to come in late and leave late. Of course boss says no! Guess what. She ignores and still continues to come in late everyday. Even though boss is checking on her daily already. She never hands in her things on time and when she does, it's full of mistakes. She doesn't do much filing so her papers are in stacks around her desk. She ignores emails that informs her that she needs to check out or do certain things that is not really in daily assignments but project basis, she forgets things that you tell her and even when she writes it down, she doesn't check back at her notes or emails for the solutions. Her responds is "you tell me", "I've bad memory". So her methods is to ask people the same question over and over again. She really raised the bar for the most annoying and laziest person I've ever met.
—Guest Woooooo

Co-Workers Behaving Badly

For 6 yrs my co-worker drove me insane by constantly being on her cell phone with personal calls, stinking of cigarette smoke every time she came back from her break, sticking her nose into everyone's business, brown nosing the boss, yelling out loudly to other co-workers because she was too lazy to get up and look on Google, talks about people's personal business, whispers about me and was extremely jealous of me. Very hard to take, I just wanted to come in, do my work and go home. Never work in an all female office ever again!!!
—Guest Jeanette Standley

Ghastly Boss

I once worked for a multinational chain of hotels, when our property was given a new general manager and with him came a new food and beverage manager. This man proceeded to make my life, and the lives of all my co-workers a living (and dying) hell on earth. He found any excuse to give me written warnings, one was because the pens in the conference room were facing the wrong way. After I was fired for 'incompetence' I sued for wrongful dismissal and won. And even though he still works for the hotel and is now a general manager, that's fine because I moved on to graduate from university and I just completed Honours. Now looking to pursue a PhD next year.
—Guest Christine

Co-worker who visits with family

I work with a lady that I like and for the most part get along with. The one thing she does that I have to work around is her daily continously visiting with family and friends on the phone or at her desk for up to 20 minutes or more; then goes on a 30 minute break. (we're allowed 15 minute breaks and are supposed to confine personal phone calls to breaks and lunches). She is a top producer for the company, and is able to catch up on her work quickly. Management has spoken to her many times about her lengthy personal phone calls and visiting at her desk with family and friends, whom she'd just talked to on the phone but she just keeps doing these things because she doesn't really get disciplined over it. In the meantime, clients have to wait until she's finished with her personal life conversations, and the rest of her co-workers have to pick up the slack.
—Guest Deb

Obviate The Need

I just want to work for an established firm that offers stability, make employees aware of interim and short term organizational/ departmental goals), hire competent leadership, eschew nepotism, *listen to*, develop and promote their talent, inspire loyalty and trust, functions on the periphery of ethical and legal practices and quite frankly "walk the walk". Is that too bleeping much to ask? Seriously?
—Guest Outta Dodge

Chewing gum

I work with two fairly newby women. Both appeared to have been pulled into our company by friends that also work here. One of these women has the annoying habit of loudly smacking and chewing her d*** gum all day. If I chewed my gum like that, I swear my jaw would be killing me. We deal in highly confidential information, that Ms. Gum Chewer wants to write a book about. Both these women seem to think it's okay to use sick leave to blatantly play hooky. The one barely came back from a generous maternity leave and now every other week she is taking sick time for one or the other (she has two) of her little darlings, and usually on a Friday and/or a Monday. The other hasn't even passed 6-month probation and has taken several sick days already, something when I started out wouldn't have thought of doing. Both are about as useful as whistles on a plow. I find their constant chattering annoying, disruptive to my ability to do my work, and unprofessional. Wish they'd go!
—Guest crystalsw

She's Only Got Three Weeks Left

I work with a lady who has been a nightmare since she began at our company six years ago. She is rude to both employees and customers, and is a backstabber who insists on having things her way, even if it's against company policy. My boss won't stand up to her. Ms. Nightmare is retiring in three weeks, and it's the three longest weeks of my life.
—Guest Bullied Groomer

used and abused and discarded

I worked for a major restaurant chain. At first everything was great. I am an a experienced line cook and I was compliant with what the company demanded and thought I did a fine job. But I was hit by a car and was nearly killed. I developed PTSD and didn't go see a counselor during this time. then I helped screw up a large table at work and got nearly all the blame. But I never got written up for all the supposed bad things I did but they fired me anyway even though they had no cause. It broke my heart. They were so heartless. But at lease I learned a painful lesson, I hope.
—Guest guest over it


I have this coworker who swears up and down that she's the most mature, responsible thing walking the earth. She is full of drama but swears it's the rest of our team. We do have our issues BUT this woman has issues. She's always full of negativity. Openly telling people that they start drama when it's her first day working with them is a major issue. She doesn't want to participate, always isolates herself and then gets mad at the team. Although she's antisocial and not working, we apparently isolate her and go chat in a corner although all of our work is done each and every night. She comes in late, leaves early, gives attitude for no reason and then gets upset when her hours are cut... what the *!## do u expect? there is a high turnover rate of new employees at this job, primarily because they try and create turmoil. we have a strong team with a few weak links... those links always break off, but this one is holding on too long. Nobody wants to work with her... but we always maintain professionalism.
—Guest UH-noyed

Really, Really Annoying!!!

I work in a tech support call center and have a coworker who never shuts up, and, she talks really loud. Everyone in our department, as well as most of our users, know more about her personal life than we ever cared to know because ...... Surprise!, she never shuts up. But the thing that bugs me the most is that she punctuates every sentence with "mmm?". I so want to ask her why but don't want to be rude.

Overzealous Colleague

I work on a small project team that was formed 2 years ago. We've worked well together, but lately one team member's behavior has been very annoying. My teammate is very enthusiastic, but her recent over zealousness has become irritating. Her praise for our manager in front of the entire team has been overbearing where she comes across like an attention-seeking brownnoser. She's also become much more vocal and domineering, trying to be the "hero" and "queen bee" of the team. She also constantly emails the team during off-hours expressing her excitement about work or things at home (she constantly brags about her children). Her behavior has reached the point where she's become difficult to work with, where I feel both irritated by and resentful towards her actions.
—Guest Resentful

Good Ole Boy!

I just started working in an office where I loved my job. Everything seemed to be going well when I met a one man show of a guy in the office. He's been with the organization for some time, and every time this guy has something to say to me it's negative. I have talked to him three separate times about his negative and belittling attitude twice without avail. Every time I speak to the guy about resolving the issues at hand he'll say, "It's about being professional here and the job you do isn't professional!" Yep, end of that nice conversation right there! I spoke to my supervisor today about it and hopefully it will get resolved.
—Guest Jacob

The laughing hyena

I have a co-worker who has an incredibly annoying habit of laughing at EVERYTHING anyone says to him, as well as finishing every verbal thought with the same loud, annoying, high-pitched laugh. It is painful to listen to where within a several-minute span, he can laugh up a dozen-plus times at items that aren't even remotely funny. As a result, I feel he presents himself as someone incapable of basic professional communication.
—Guest Communicator

Loud, disruptive coworkers

My team shares a space w/ another team. However, the personalities of the teams are polar opposites. My team is quiet, professional, studious. The other team acts as if they're at Happy Hour (w/o the alcohol). They banter for hours/day, engaging in arguments about (IMO, inappropriate for the workplace) topics like religion and politics. They are completely oblivious to the fact they share a space with others. That team has 1 member in particular who is the ringleader; she has been a distraction on every team she's been on, to the point where our HR dep't had to intervene. The problem in dealing with her is that she has ADHD, but nobody here has been able to put her in an environment where she can be productive. Instead, her teammates often enable her behavior b/c they're easily distracted; the result is that team lacks focus, are often unproductive, and impede my team's ability to be productive. Too bad our building doesn't have enough space to relocate them.
—Guest Peace Quiet

Co-workers won't train me

I just came into a new job a week and a half ago and the training I received was spotty and out of order. There was no training manual and the girl who was told to teach me how to do RMAs has not sat with me longer than 5 minutes to tell me how to do RMAs and have only sent me vague emails and instructions in all caps and no punctuation on what I need to do. I also learned step 4 of the process before learning step 1, 2, and 3. No one will clarify to me in what order I need to do everything in. On my second day her whole team was complaining about how I was processing RMAs despite the poor training and the fact I've barely even been there for a week. I have been blamed on my second and third day of work for transactions that has happened 3-5 days before I started working there and the girl before me is constantly covering up her mistakes and blaming it on me because I am "new".
—Guest new-and-blamed

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Co-Workers Behaving Badly

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