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Readers Respond: Are Post-Interview Thank You Notes Important?

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From the article: The Job Interview
Those who give career advice have long told job seekers about the importance of sending a thank you note after an interview. Are they as important as we say they are? Can they make the difference between getting a job and being passed over for one? As a job seeker do you send thank you notes? If you interview job candidates, do you seriously consider whether or not a candidate has sent one when you make hiring decisions? Please share your experience with or thoughts about thank you notes. Share Your Opinion

I have learned something new

I have been out of the interview world for 12 years now and was shocked to read this. I had to idea that people were sending thank you letters or emails after an interview. I actually work close with my supervisor who does the hiring for our company and we have never received a thank you note after an interview. Does this depend on the job being applied for?
—Guest Jennifer

Shocked by Some of the Responses

You MUST send a thank you after an interview. It's not optional if you want the job, and it's not just about being polite. As an applicant, you learn a lot during the interview process. Sending a thank you establishes that you are still interested in the position. I've hired dozens of people over my career, and every one of them sent me a thank you email or letter. If I don't receive a thank you, I assume you are no longer interested in the position, and I remove you from consideration as a candidate.

Absolute Must

How could you NOT send a "thank you" note? 1- It's another chance to "close the deal" - to make your case / overcome objections / stand out from the crowd 2- If you DON'T do it, you're likely to fall to the back of the pack - if not get skipped altogether. I know of several situations where someone HAD the job, but lost it when they DIDN'T show the simple follow-through of a thank-you. It's an absolute must.
—Guest John

Always, always, always.

Always send a thank you letter as standard courtesy since all other applicants would have done so. This is good to leave a good impression and also to refresh the interviewer's mind as to whom they interviewed. A thank you letter is also an opportunity to reiterate a strong point that you may not have emphasized enough during the interview or a response that you did not answer to your satisfaction.
—Guest Charlie

Are Post-Interview Thank You Notes Impor

I figure most people are busy, it would be a lot to recycle if everyone that ever had a job interview sent one. It would really depend on the situation.
—Guest Barbara

It is polite to send a thank you note

Following up with a thank you note after an interview is just polite, good manners. It is not a deciding factor in the interviewer's decision but it is (should be) part of your package as a job seeker, an applicant.
—Guest Anna

Good Manners-Always Appropriate

I may be old-fashioned, but there is still something to be said for sending a brief thank-you note after an interview. It shows follow through: that you took the time to look up the mailing address, get a stamp, etc. Even if you don't get that position, that little effort, a classy touch, might jog a hiring person's memory for something else down the road. Besides, since when is it not cool to have good manners?
—Guest Virginia

They shouldn't matter

I hesitate to send thank you notes, because the interviewer may be put off (I think I would as an interviewer). I wouldn't want to work for someone that used thank you notes as a deciding factor.
—Guest Andrea

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Are Post-Interview Thank You Notes Important?

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