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Readers Respond: The Real Life of an Insurance Agent

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When choosing a career, it is helpful to get information about it from those who actually work in the occupation one is considering. Please share information about your career as an insurance agent so that those thinking of entering this field can make an informed decision.

  1. Describe what you do as an insurance agent?
  2. What do you like about being an insurance agent? What don't you like about it?
  3. With the proper training, how easy or difficult is it for someone to get an entry level job as an insurance agent?
  4. Are you happy you became an insurance agent? Why or why not?

Tell Us About Your Job

Lucky to be an Insurance Agent.

After completing my graduates in computer Engineering and working for several years, I have started full time Insurance business. Very happy to enjoy this profession by building relationships with people, managing my time and writing my own pay-cheque every month. Not only that, in a long run, people get connected to us for almost all financial decisions and let us contribute in their life; which gives me immense pleasure of being human. Also, money flow keeps me in discipline to get up early in morning, keeping targets on boards, calling prospects daily, follow ups , timely and prompt services to clients, etc. It allows me to utilize my full capabilities and thus making me feel COMPLETE.
—Guest Rakesh Kripalani

A rewarding way to be self employed

An agent is the consultant and liaison between the client and the insurance company. 80% of your job is marketing/prospecting leads so plenty of telemarketing or phone skills is a good start or just a bold personality that isn't afraid of rejection or taking risks. Compensation can really roller coaster if you are not dedicated to a 40 hour work week. Here your boss is you! I'm in love with being an agent! nothing boring it's new every day :)
—Guest Terri Haggard

insurance agent

I am quite satisfied with my job but the challenge is I am not making as much money as i intend.
—Guest mercy

what insurance agent does

As an insurance agent,you are a field worker.You go out prospecting people to buy policy(ies) that suit thier needs as an individual or company/organisation. After your prospect agrees to pick your policy, you then collect necessary information on what you are insuring and pass it to the underwriter for evaluation and issuance of policy certificate. Thereafter, you keep servicing your client by the way of collecting premiums (especially in life insurance) and remitting it to the insurance company's bank account and then returning the receipt of payment to your client. Also in times of claim, you assist your client to get his claim from the insurance company. The good thing of being an insurance agent is that you have time for yourself, you meet people (make connection), you can make millions from one good business. Objections from people could be frustrating.
—Guest kingsley akabusi

Tell Us About Your Job

The Real Life of an Insurance Agent

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