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Readers Respond: Office Party Stories

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From the article: Top 10 Office Party Don'ts
What happens at the office party stays at the office party ... or does it? Many a career has been damaged because of an office party mishap. Without naming names tell us about some of the wild, unusual or embarrassing things that happened at an office party you attended. Remember there's no need to admit it if you are really the central character in your story. You can always say it happened to "your friend."

Why I swore off office parties

I worked in a large call center - unnamed here for good reason - and having climbed the corporate ladder far enough in 10 years, was invited to the annual holiday party. It turned out I was the only non-drinker at this lovely shindig and was able to see first-hand exactly how bad things are in management. Almost everyone was in a compromising position. Several of the more staid ladies performed table dances and at least 2 revealed WAY more skin than the party dresses they had worn revealed. [I got a good look at their unmentionables and the rolls of cellulite that accompanied them - there was no way to avoid it!] We had a couple of screaming matches and at least one knock-down fight...I left at 9 pm and the drinking was just getting started. No one spoke of these events, so either this was normal or everyone was too drunk to know what they did. Two of them divorced so they could be wed. I heard someone has pictures. Suitable for blackmail? I'll stay home with my cat and DVR, thank you.
—Guest SiriusBlacktheCat

Co-Workers in Compromising Position

I was temping at intervals at one large company, but wasn’t an employee over Christmas. I came in for an assignment after the new year and heard their holiday party had been really explosive — two employees, not married to each other, caught making whoopee in a conference room (both fired and divorce ensuing), and a few people who took advantage of the open bar to say things they later wished they had kept to themselves.
—Guest Suzanne
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