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Readers Respond: How Do You Relieve Work Stress?

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From the article: Do You Know How to Relax?
Work stress can cause problems for your career and your personal life. It can hurt your mind, body and soul. When your job is making you tense, how do you relax? Is there something you do to make yourself feel better? Please share your techniques.

Senior Employment Counselor

I pray and find a way to laugh as often as possible.
—Guest Shirley Lambacker-Brown

How to Relax

Normally we find our work place as a stress origin, but we can easily come out from all stress related points. E.g I feel very comfortable when I reach my home and spent one hour with My sweet kid everyday and have fun with my colleague on the way to my home. We all know the way out but we are not applying these small things in the way they are. Let it be practiced and relax.

How to overcome stress

The first thing to do is to recognize that we are under stress; then it becomes clearer to us its source. It is hard to do so, especially that we become emotional when under stress. When we relax a bit and recognize our feeling, most likely, we can trace its source. Denial would only aggravate the problem. Once we identify the source, we can be more objective on tracing how it becomes a problem. It's easier to blame our predicament to others but it's more liberating to evaluate honestly how we contribute to the problem. To blame others would not solve the problem, though it gives momentary emotional satisfaction. However, the problem remains because it is not dealt with its roots. To uproot it, we need to see the whole perspective. It takes a lot of humility to accept our fault; but it is more liberating. Our burden is lightened because our conscience is cleansed. Though it's not really our fault, to take time to relax, to forgive and to pray for the persons involved would be worth it.
—Guest Armando Castardo

Job stress

Walking , daily religious prayer, meditation are the ways to relieve my stress...
—Guest ikram19662000

how to relax

I gotta pretty tight and pressured daily deadline routines i have to make in order to make sure i'm on the track,and successful. So specially on weekends and some weekdays,my relaxing techniques help me supercharge again for yet another tough challenging day in the world. i play and sing my favorite music and go out on the nature filled mountains with my friends to release the mental tensions and boredom. I also use internet for leisure purpose.
—Guest faisal

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